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    Nieuwe Europeana Newspapers tools

    Bronnen door Eric Hennekam

    Bericht van Europeana Newspapers:

    The Europeana Newspapers project develops and shares software tools for libraries and other cultural heritage organisation to use.

    1. PRImA research developed quality assessment tools for refinement of digitised historic newspapers that are now available open source on Github.
    2. The National Library of the Netherlands developed a tool for named entity recognition in digitised newspapers that is now available open source on Github.
    3. The University of Innsbruck developed a tool for editing and annotating METS/ALTO with structural information. Get the Structify tool here.

    Find out more about the specific tools provided on our new Tools overview page, or watch our website for a series of blog posts introducing the tools more in depth.

    (Bron: Europeana, 27-11-2014)