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    New York City Municipal Archives: digitalisatie “New Amsterdam” collectie

    Bronnen door Eric Hennekam

    Bericht van het New York City Municipal Archives:

    “The Municipal Archives has digitized early colonial collections. Ordinances drawn from the Records of New Amsterdam for the period 1647-1661 and their corresponding translations are now available at archives.nyc
    Digitizing the records and posting them online are the first steps in making the City Archives more accessible.
    These 17th century documents show the foundation of City government. There are several ordinances regulating the sale of alcohol, the price of bread, and the maintenance of chimneys and fireplaces. The records also depict tensions in the new settlement, prohibiting the sale of alcohol to the native people but also prohibiting traders from going inland to fraudulently trade with the natives.
    Calling the digitization project “inspired”, Russell Shorto, author of The Island at the Center of the World urges viewers to “Roam through these documents – in the 17th century originals or in the 19th century English translations” and notes that “a realization dawns on you: New York was New York right from the start.”

    Direct naar de gedigitaliseerde collectie: New Amsterdam Collections, 1647-1674

    [1 dec 2014]