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Would you like to collaborate with the History Festival? Please contact José Snel via  or 088-700 26 42.

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Libris is a collective of independent bookshops in the Netherlands. The Libris bookstores can be recognized by their wide range, strong local appearance and quality in service and advice. The Libris bookstore is often a literary bookstore, which is reflected in the sponsorship of the Libris Literature Prize and the Libris History Prize. Both receive a lot of media attention and are highly valued.

Independent, professional and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are affiliated with Libris, who work together specifically to compete with chains on all fronts. Libris works together with Blz for this. Libris and Page. have a combined market share of over 20%. This makes them the market leader in the market for the general book.

Libris Page. BV focuses mainly on what the entrepreneur cannot do individually, but what the collective makes possible. For example, they make collective agreements with publishers, suppliers and sector organizations that apply to the affiliated individual entrepreneurs. In this way they achieve economies of scale that contribute to optimizing the returns of the book trade.




Passion for travel for more than 25 years! That is what characterizes Labrys Reizen.

Our 19 employees are busy every day to devise and develop special travel plans for you. They do this by linking their own knowledge of many destinations worldwide to the specific qualities of our expert tour guides. But also by listening carefully to you. After all, your travel experiences are the result of all study, enthusiasm and dedication and are therefore the best indicator of success.






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