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    14 maart deel Bill Clinton archief openbaar

    Bronnen door Eric Hennekam

    Op vrijdag 14 maart (Amerikaanse tijd: 1 pm EST) worden de volgende 4000 records uit het Bill Clinton archief openbaar en komen gelijk online op: www.clintonlibrary.com

    The list of topics (listed by FOIA case numbers) follows:

    2012-0440-S – Julie Bosland – Domestic Policy Council
    2010-0198-S – Carol Rasco – Domestic Policy Council
    2007-0302-F – 1995 Quebec Referendum  
    2006-1726-F – Speechwriter Samir Afridi
    2006-0947-F – Export-Import Bank AIDS program for Sub-Saharan Africa
    2006-0649-F – Brigadier General Terry Schwalier
    2006-0646-F – Genocide in Rwanda, 1994
    2006-0503-F – Remarks by Hillary Clinton at Forum 2000         
    2006-0462-F – Speechwriter Terry Edmonds
    Clinton Administration History Project
    2008-0829-F – National Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite System, NPOESS
    2008-0826-F – Jerry F. Hultin
    2007-0143-F – Disability Rights    
    2007-0088-F – Catholics
    2006-1854-S – Winfield House, United Kingdom
    2006-1267-F – Stephanie Sanford
    2006-1164-F – Terrorism
    2006-1023-F – Aspin Brown Commission
    2006-1022-F – Security at the Department of Energy laboratories
    2006-1011-F – Maurice Sonnenberg, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-1007-F – Ann Caracristi, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-1000-F- Warren Rudman, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-0999-F – Les Aspin, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-0648-F – Khobar Towers bombing
    2006-0588-F – Transition from Clinton Administration to Bush Administration
    2006-0528-F – Records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
    2006-0526-F – President Cardoso’s Visit to Camp David
    2006-0470-F – Speechwriter Lowell Weiss
    2006-0469-F – [Segment 1] Speechwriter Michael Waldman
    2006-0468-F – Speechwriter Jordan Tamagni
    2006-0465-F – Speechwriter David Kusnet
    2006-0461-F – Speechwriter Carolyn Curiel
    2006-0458-F – Donald Baer
    2006-0357-F – Executive Order 13083, Federation
    2006-0226-F – Vice President Gore’s 2000 Presidential campaign
    2006-0217-F – Prime Minister Tony Blair
    2006-0211-F – Geoffrey Cowan
    2006-0210-F – Penn Kemble and USIA
    2006-0209-F – Joseph Duffey
    2006-0204-F – Radio Marti
    2006-0202-F – International Broadcasting/Board for International Broadcasting
    2006-0201-F – White House Conference on Culture and Diplomacy
    2006-0200-F – Public Diplomacy
    2006-0199-F – Evelyn Lieberman as Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy, 1999-2001        
    2006-0195-F – Micronesia, the Republic of Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands
    2006-0194-F – Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
    2006-0184-F – William A. Halter
    2006-1879-F – Carl Sagan
    2006-1015-F – Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-1013-F – Stanley Shuman, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member
    2006-0770-F – Ira Magaziner’s Health Care Files (Policy Development)
    2006-0509-F – Remarks at the Eighth Millennium Evening
    2006-0207-F – (PDD-68) – Concerning International Public Information
    2006-0221-F – 2000 Presidential Election Vote Count in Florida
    2006-0504-F – Remarks by Hillary Clinton Fifth Millennium Evening